When you sign up as an affiliate you are automatically assigned a Unique Client Number (UCN).

If you insert information on your website regarding the services we offer, or you utilise one of the many Affiliate Tools we have available, we use this UCN to track any referrals you send our way. The tracking is secure and robust and ensures all your referrals are associated with your affiliate account.

Specially formatted web addresses, or URL’s, will track all referrals you make. You simply need to insert the string below and your referrals will be captured when they register with Currency Online.

If your UCN is CYOL0110111111\ and you want to link to the Currency Online registration page, you would use:

https://secure.currencyonline.com/registration/?_clientagentname= &_clientagentid=CYOL0110111111

There are plenty of ways to refer business to Currency Online. Have a look at our Affiliate Tools to find out what suits you best to promote our services and generate commissions, or contact affiliate@currencyonline.com to discuss ideas.